Our Vision

Welcome to T2Design, a visual communication studio where your business objectives won’t break the bank. We are not a large box company, but please don’t misunderstand. We are a small, but mighty and talented, design company with limited overhead. Because we are current on trends in design and programming, we can deliver the quality you would expect with a larger company but at freelance prices. Our team prides itself on its ability to focus on brand strategy through interactive print and web design targeted to meet your needs. Our mission, our passion, is to provide you with quality, creative-driven solutions to your business’s objectives that are affordable.

We understand that building the perfect brand or catapulting an existing brand starts with listening to the client’s desires and needs. We use your vision and goals along with your identity to effectively deliver the product and message both creatively and functionally. Our strength’s have continually been clear communication, reliability and timeliness while delivering a high quality product.  We truly believe our client is always right.

Who We Are

T2Design has been operating since 2003. We specialize is affordable, quality print, web and interactive design and development.

T2Design pays careful attention to your business objectives and transforms them into an encompassing web experience that immerses your customer in your brand. Building the perfect website starts with listening to clients desires and needs and then using that knowledge to effectively deliver the message both creatively and functionally. T2Design has over ten years of experience in studying the interaction of branding and function.

What We Do

T2Design’s experience with web design and development combines state of art functionality, vital industry statistics and unique creative vision to build the website that far exceeds what you may have envisioned. Best of all, T2Design is cost effective. We are able to work with clients to meet their needs with any sized budget.